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Labels get in the way, disabilities rarely do

Our mission is to assist with the integration of persons with a disability in County Louth into employment in the open labour market leading to independence and career progression and at the same time meeting employers’ labour requirements.

EmployAbility Services are funded by the Irish Government through the Department of Social Protection

EmployAbility Louth Placements in 2023

During 2023 we supported 116 jobseekers into employment.

Successful Job Applications by Industry 2023

EmployAbility Louth Placements in 2022

During 2022 we supported 110 jobseekers into employment.

Successful Job Applications by Industry 2022

EmployAbility Louth Placements in 2021

During 2021 we supported 104 jobseekers into employment.

Successful Job Applications by Industry 2021

EmployAbility Louth Placements in 2020

During 2020 we supported 103 jobseekers into employment.

Successful Job Applications by Industry 2020

EmployAbility Louth Placements in 2019

During 2019 we supported 140 jobseekers into employment.

Successful Job Applications by Industry 2019

Our Service

  • EmployAbility Service Louth provides a supported employment service to people with disabilities throughout County Louth, with offices based in Dundalk and Drogheda.
  • The support is available to jobseekers over the age of 18, with disabilities such as Intellectual, Mental, Physical, Sensory, Hidden and Acquired Brain injury.
  • Our service commenced in 2001 and since then have played an active and leading role in Co Louth in informing and influencing employers with regard to the benefits of employing individuals with disabilities
  • We are a limited company, governed by an independent voluntary Board of Directors. The Board consists of representatives from Health Service Executive (HSE), Local Area Employment Service (LAES), National EmployAbility Directors Forum, DKIT, Law Library and Local Company Director of Blueacre Technology Ltd.
  • We are one of 23 EmployAbility Services located throughout the Republic of Ireland.
  • EmployAbility Service Louth is an established team of one Co-ordinator, 7 Job Coaches and one Administrator.
  • We are funded by the Department of Social Protection.

The Team

The Co-ordinator manages the day to day running of the service, meets new clients, deals with client queries and links with relevant organisations and employers in the community.

The Job Coach provides specialist employment support to assist the client to find and maintain suitable employment and also to provide support to the employer.

Dundalk Office

Helen Grant


Phone: 087 638 6885


Declan Litchfield

Job Coach

Robbie Richardson

Job Coach

Briege Fergus

Office Administrator

Rory Johnston

Dundalk / Drogheda Office

Drogheda Office

Drogheda Office: Unit 17, Floor 2, Workspace Centre, Mayoralty St, Drogheda, Co. Louth.

Catherine Hughes

Job Coach

Kellie Naughton

Job Coach

Tony Kelly

Job Coach

Yannick Clery

Job Coach